Saturday, July 19, 2014

Disadvantages of Using Bail Bonds

The first disadvantage is obviously the interest that has to be paid once the use of the bail bond has been secured. The interest charges vary from company to company. The user of a bail bondsman needs to be aware of this fact when signing the contract. Some bail bonds like immigration bonds or federal bonds can be quite expensive and will increase the interest rate.

Checking the varying interest rates as well as other services offered by the bail bondsman is a process that requires time. When the time is spent through such pursuits the longer the arrested person or accused person stays behind the bars.

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The privacy of the individual is also compromised. The relationship between an accused or arrested person and the bail bondsman becomes one of a trust. Since this is also an investment and a possibly flighty one at that, the individual or company giving the bail bond has to really be sure that such a person does not leave town. Some of the people given the bond are tracked at all times, thereby affecting privacy of the individual.


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